Sweet children, hear no evil! Only listen to the one Father. Live like a lotus while living at home.


By accurately knowing which play do children never become confused?


Those who accurately know the play of happiness and sorrow, knowledge and devotion, never become confused. You know that God never causes sorrow for anyone. He is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. When everyone becomes unhappy, He comes to liberate them from sorrow.


Who has come here early in the morning?

Essence for dharna:

1. Only listen to spiritual things from the one Father. Don't debate with anyone about anything.

2. Make effort to become soul conscious. In order to become satopradhan, stay in remembrance of the one Father.


May you be free from care and worry by making anything difficult easy with the awareness of the Fatherís hand and His company.

When your hand is in the hand of an elder, your stage becomes free from care and worry. In the same way, while performing every action, always consider BapDada to be with you and that your hand in this alokik life is in His hand. This means your life is in His hands, and so He is responsible. Put all your burdens onto the Father and become light. The way to remove a burden and make anything difficult easy is to have the Fatherís hand and His company.


Let there be honesty in your efforts and you will experience extra help from BapDada.

Invaluable versions of Mateshwariji

1) The basis of life is gyan, yoga and the inculcation of divine virtues.

You have the faith that you are receiving knowledge from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. There are three main points of this knowledge to which you have to pay full attention in your efforts. First is yoga - constant remembrance of God with which our sins are destroyed. Second is knowledge: what the beginning, middle and end of Brahmand, the whole world is. Only when we have this knowledge can there be a practical change in our lives and we can create a good reward for ourselves. Third point is our qualification of becoming filled with all virtues, 16 celestial degrees complete. Only then can we become deities. It is essential for us to pay attention to these three points while walking and moving around, while eating and drinking. Only in this one birth do we have the power of knowledge, the power of yoga and the inculcation of divine virtues. All three are connected. We cannot have yoga without knowledge and we cannot imbibe divine virtues without having yoga. Our lives are based on all these three points for only then can we finish our accounts of sin and perform good actions. This is called a Godly life.

2) The ancient yoga of Bharat is taught by God.

This Godly yoga of ours is well known in Bharat as ancient yoga. Why is this yoga called the imperishable yoga? Because it is taught by the imperishable Supreme Father, Supreme Soul. Although other human souls teach yoga, for this is why yoga ashrams are opened, they cannot teach this ancient yoga. If there were such yoga, then where is that power? Day by day, Bharat is becoming weaker and this shows that their yoga is not imperishable. Only the One with whom you have yoga can teach you this yoga. We mustnít have yoga with others, so how can they teach us? Only God can carry out this task. Only He can tell us the secret, but others just continue to say that they will teach us yoga. We know that only God can teach us ancient yoga and establish the sun and moon dynasties of the deity kingdom. God comes and teaches us this ancient yoga every cycle. He says: O souls, have constant yoga with Me, God, and your sins will be destroyed. Achcha.