Sweet children, give everyone the good news that the deity dynasty is being established. When the world becomes viceless, everything else will be destroyed.


When does Ravan curse you and what is the sign of being cursed?


You receive Ravan’s curse when you become body conscious. Souls who are cursed become poverty-stricken and vicious; they continue to come down. Now, in order to claim your inheritance from the Father, become soul conscious. Make your vision and attitude pure.


May you be a world transformer and make anything wrong right with the power to merge.

Do not make any mistakes yourself when you see the mistakes of others. Even if someone else has made a mistake, you must remain right. Do not be influenced by their "wrongact. Those who are influenced become careless. Each one must simply take the responsibility to remain constantly on the right path. Even if someone does something wrong, at that time, use the power to merge. Instead of noting down the mistake of others, give them a note of co-operation, that is, fill them with your co-operation and the task of world transformation will easily be accomplished.


In order to be a constant yogi, transform any limited "I” or "mine” into unlimited.