Sweet children, don’t hide anything from the eternal Surgeon. If you are disobedient about anything, ask for forgiveness. Otherwise, the burden will continue to increase and you will become one who defames the name.

Q- What is the basis of a true income? Why are there obstacles to self-progress?

A- The basis of a true income is to study. If you don’t study well, you won’t be able to earn a true income. When your company is not right there are obstacles to your progress. It is said: Good company takes you across and bad company drowns you. If you have bad company, you do not study and will fail. It is the company you keep that makes you take one another into the depths of hell. This is why you children have to be very cautious about the influence of the company you keep.

D- 1. Always remain safe from the influence of bad company. Study this true study and accumulate a stock of true income.________2. Promise yourself that you will follow Baba’s shrimat at every step.

V- May you become an embodiment of total success by knowing the secret of being faithful to One and pleasing the Bestower of Blessings._________The blessings of the Father, the Bestower of Blessings are infinite and whoever wants some can take as many as they want; the treasure-store is open. Some children become full from that open treasure-store whereas others become full according to their capacity. The Innocent Lord, in the form of the Bestower of Blessings, fills your aprons the most. You simply have to know the way to please Him and you will receive total success. The Bestower of Blessings loves one expression the most and that is: “Being faithful to One”. Let there not be anyone else even in your thoughts or dreams. Let it be in your attitude that you belong to One and none other. The aprons of those who understand this secret remain constantly full.

S- Serve through your thoughts and words simultaneously and you will continue to receive double fruit.