Sweet children, in order to become pure, it is essential to have the pilgrimage of remembrance. This is the main subject. When you have the power of yoga you can become serviceable and virtuous.

Q- How is the yoga that you children study unique?

A- Until today, all the yogas that people have been studying and teaching one another have been yogas that connect human beings with human beings. However, we are now having yoga with the incorporeal One. When incorporeal souls remember the incorporeal Father, that is unique. People in the world remember God, but they do that without having His introduction. To remember anyone without knowing his occupation is devotion. Knowledgeable children have remembrance while having His introduction.

D- 1. Do the service of making impure ones pure. Give knowledge to the prostitutes and those without virtues and uplift those who have fallen. Only when you uplift them will your name be glorified._________2. In order to make your vision pure, practise while walking and moving around: “I am a soul, I am speaking to a soul.” Stay in remembrance of the Father and you will become pure.

V- May you stay in solitude and by having a minute of a concentrated stage, have a powerful experience and give others that too.________To be in solitude means to stabilise yourself in a powerful stage. You can stabilise yourself in the seed stage, you can become a light-and-might house and give light and might to the world or you can give others the experience of the avyakt stage by stabilising in the angelic stage. If you become concentrated and stabilise yourself in this stage for a minute or a second, you can benefit yourself and others a great deal. You simply need to practise this.

S- A Brahmachari is one in whose every thought and word are merged the vibrations of purity.