Sweet children, have the intoxication that you are becoming deities from Brahmins. Only you Brahmins receive elevated directions from the Father.


What interest and intoxication should those who have new blood have?


You should have the interest to make this world that has become old and ironaged into a new and golden-aged world, the interest to make everything old new. Kumaris have new blood and so they should uplift their equals. You should constantly have this intoxication. You should also have great intoxication giving lectures.


May you become an angel and experience refinement by doing spiritual exercise and having self-control.

Refinement of the intellect and lightness are the personality of Brahmin life. Refinement is greatness. However, for this, every day at amrit vela, do spiritual exercise and take the precaution of not having any food of waste thoughts. To take this precaution, have self-control. At any time, only take the food of thought that you should have at that time. Do not have any extra food of waste thoughts for only then will you have a refined intellect and be able to achieve the aim of becoming an angelic form.


A great soul is one who accurately follows shrimat at every second and every step.