Sweet children, I am always beyond sound. I have come to take you children beyond sound. It is now the stage of retirement for all of you. You now have to go home, beyond sound.

Q- Whom would you call a good effort-making student? What are the main signs?

A- A good effort-making student is one who knows how to talk to himself and how to study subtly. Effort-making students would continually check themselves: Do I have any devilish nature in me? To what extent have I imbibed divine virtues? Do I have any criminal thoughts? They would keep their register to see to what extent they constantly have the vision of brotherhood.

D- 1. Keep a register of how you study. Look at your chart to see: To what extent do I have the vision of brotherhood? Has my nature become divine?________2. Keep a lot of control over your tongue (taste and food). It should remain in your intellects that you are becoming deities and that you therefore have to pay a lot of attention to your food and drink. Your taste buds should not cause mischief. You have to follow the Mother and Father.

V- May you be an intense effort-maker and remain constantly ever ready by considering every moment to be your final moment.___________There is no guarantee about your final moment and so you must consider every moment to be your final moment and remain ever ready. To be ever ready means to be an intense effort-maker. Do not think that destruction will still take some time and that you will be ready by then. No; every moment is the final moment and so, when you remain constantly free from attachment, free from sinful and wasteful thoughts you will then be said to be ever ready. No matter what task still remains, let your stage always remain beyond and whatever happens will then be good.

S- To take the law into your own hands is to have a trace of anger.