Sweet children, this spiritual hospital makes you ever healthy for half the cycle. Sit here in soul consciousness.

Q- What direction should your intellects remember whilst you carry on with your business etc?

A- The Father's direction is: You must not remember any corporeal or subtle beings. Only when you have remembrance of the one Father will your sins be absolved. None of you can say that you don't have time for this; whilst doing everything you can stay in remembrance.

D- 1. Become rup and basant and always let jewels emerge from your lips. Become very, very sweet. Never let stones (bad words) emerge from your lips.__________2. Become clever in knowledge and yoga and benefit yourself and others. Make effort to make your fortune elevated. Become a stick for the blind.

V- May you be an image that grants visions by giving a vision of your angelic form while you stay in the expansion of your household.__________While in the expansion of your household, practise merging the expansion and staying beyond. One moment, carry out a physical task and the next moment, become bodiless. This practice will give a vision of your angelic form. By your being in the highest stage, the gross things will be experienced as trivial. By being up above, you will become free from being low; you will be saved from labouring. Time will be saved and fast service will take place. Your intellect will become so broad and unlimited that you will be able to carry out many tasks at the same time.

S- In order to be happy all the time, continue to pour the oil of knowledge into the lamp of the soul.