Sweet children, there are now going to be the omens of Jupiter over Bharat in particular and the whole world in general. Baba is making Bharat into the land of happiness through you children.


What effort do you children make in order to become 16 celestial degrees full?


Effort to accumulate the power of yoga. It is with the power of yoga that you become 16 celestial degrees full. For this, the Father says: Give a donation and the eclipse of the omens will be removed. Donate the vice of lust that makes you fall and you will become 16 celestial degrees full. 2) Renounce body consciousness and become soul conscious. Renounce all consciousness of the body.


May you be a mahavir who receives the medal of an elevated stage by applying a full stop.

No one gives the soldiers of this spiritual army in this eternal drama a medal, but according to the drama, they automatically receive the medal of an elevated stage. Only those who see each actor’s part as detached observers and easily put a full stop receive this medal. Their experience is the foundation of such souls and this is why no barrier of any problem can stop them.


Become a flying bird and cross over any mountain of an adverse situation and reach your destination.