Sweet children, become flowers and give everyone happiness. Children who are flowers only allow jewels to emerge from their mouths.


What are the teachings of God for the children who are to become flowers so that they remain constantly fragrant?


O My flower children, examine yourselves to check that you don’t have any devilish thorns in the form of defects within you. If you have any thorns within you, then, just as you dislike the defects of others, similarly, dislike the devilish defects you have within yourself, and the thorns will be removed. Continue to examine yourself. Check that you do not perform any sins through your thoughts, words or deeds for which you would have to experience punishment.


May you remain free from limited things and remain constantly engaged in doing unlimited service with your powerful attitude.

Just as sakar Baba could not see anything but service, in the same way, you children also have to remain engaged in doing unlimited service with your powerful attitude and all limited things will then automatically finish. To give time to limited things is like playing with dolls in which time and energy is wasted. So, do not waste your time or powers you have accumulated in trivial matters.


In order to achieve success in service, let your words, behaviour and activity be influential.