Sweet children, in order to be saved from performing sinful actions, practise being bodiless again and again. It is this practice that will make you into conquerors of Maya and enable your yoga to remain constantly connected.

Which aspect of faith should be so firm that your yoga does not break?

We were pure in the golden and silver ages and we became impure during the copper and iron ages. We now have to become pure once again. If this faith is firm, your yoga will not break. Maya will not defeat you.

The rain of knowledge is for those who are with the Beloved.

Essence for dharna:

1. Do not perform any wrong actions. Death is just ahead. It is the time of settlement and you must therefore awaken everyone from the grave. Do the service of becoming pure and making others pure.

2. Do not have any desires in this dirty world. Become the Father’s complete helpers in salvaging everyone’s sunken boat.


May you increase all your treasures by experimenting with yoga and become a successful tapaswi.

Experiment with yoga using all the treasures you have received from the Father. Your experimentation is to have less expense of the treasures and greater attainment. For instance, time and thoughts are elevated treasures. So, use less thoughts, but let there be greater attainment. Ordinary people achieve success after thinking about something for two to four minutes, whereas you carry out that task in one or two seconds. When you have a greater result using less time and fewer thoughts, you will be said to be a successful tapaswi who experiments with yoga.


By keeping your original and eternal sanskars in your awareness, you will remain unshakeable and immovable.

Invaluable elevated versions of Mateshwariji

“Take us away from the world of thorns to the shade of flowers”. This can only be sung to God. When people are very unhappy, they remember God: God, take us away from this world of thorns to the shade of flowers! This shows that there is definitely such a world. All human beings know this world is now full of thorns and, because of this, people feel unhappy and peaceless and remember the world of flowers. So, definitely there must have been such a world, the sanskars of which are in souls. We know that sorrow and peacelessness are all accounts of our karmic bondages. From kings to beggars, all human beings are totally bound in this way, which is why God Himself says: This world is the iron age and it is made up of all karmic bondages. The future world was the golden age and it was called the world of flowers. That world is free from karmic bondage, it was a kingdom of deities who were liberated in life; it doesn’t exist now. When we speak of liberation in life, it doesn’t mean we are free from our bodies. They didn’t have any awareness of their bodies, but while being in their bodies, they didn’t have any sorrow. This means there was nothing of karmic bondage there. While take birth or leaving their bodies, they had happiness from the beginning, through the middle till the end. So liberation in life means being karmateet while being alive. At present, the whole world is bound by in the five vices. This means the five vices are everywhere and people do not have enough power to conquer these five evil spirits. It is now that God Himself then comes and liberates us from these five vices and enables us to attain the future reward of the deity status. Achcha.