Sweet children, the foundation of your study is purity. Only when there is purity are you able to fill yourself with the power of yoga. Only when there is the power of yoga can that power be carried in your words.


What full effort must you children make?


Make full effort to remove the burden of sins on your head. If, after belonging to the Father, you commit any sins, you will fall very hard. If you cause the BKs to be defamed or cause them any other difficulty, you will accumulate a lot of sin. There will then be no benefit in your listening to or relating this knowledge.


May you become an embodiment of success with your speciality of constantly moulding yourself in service and your connections.

The children who have the speciality of moulding themselves easily reach the golden-aged stage. In order to reveal your inculcation according to the time and circumstances, you have to mould yourself. Only those who mould themselves are real gold. You saw the speciality of sakar Baba: as was the time, as was the person, so was his form. Follow the Father in the same way and you will easily become an embodiment of success in service and with your connections.


When you have all the powers, obstacles-free success is with you.