Sweet children, put your hand on your heart and ask yourself: Did I know previously all the things that Baba is now explaining to me? Understand the meaning of what you hear now and remain happy.


What is the greatest strength of your Brahmin religion and how?


Your Brahmin religion is such that the whole world receives salvation on the basis of the shrimat you follow. It is Brahmins who make the whole world peaceful. You, the decoration of the Brahmin clan, are more elevated than the deities. You receive this strength from the Father. You Brahmins become the Father’s helpers; you receive the biggest prize. You not only become the masters of Brahmand but you also become the masters of the world.


May you be a world benefactor who gives everyone rays of peace and power on the basis of elevated feelings.

Just as there are always benevolent feelings and wishes in the Father’s thoughts and words, in the same way, let the thoughts of you children be filled with benevolent feelings and wishes for the world. While you are doing this work, let all the souls of the world emerge. Be a master sun of knowledge, and on the basis of your pure feelings and elevated wishes, continue to give rays of peace and power and you will then be said to be a world benefactor. However, for this, you must be free from all bondages and liberated.


The consciousness of "I” and "mine” are doors to body consciousness. Now close these doors.