Sweet children, it is a divine virtue to give regard to those who are senior to you. Follow those who are clever and who explain very well.


Why are there no customs or systems of devotion in the golden age?


Because the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, gives you knowledge and sends you into salvation. You receive the fruit of your devotion. When you receive knowledge, you become divorced from devotion. Since that is the time for the reward of knowledge, what need would there be for devotion, tapasya, donations or charity etc. None of those customs can remain there.

Essence for dharna:

1. Keep the company of those who are clever in this study and who explain very well. Give them regard. Never become arrogant about anything.

2. Understand and explain very well the new points of knowledge. Maintain the happiness that you are spinners of the discus of self-realisation.


May you be a detached observer who constantly stays lost in remembrance of the one Father and make your stage constant and stable.

Now, such test papers will come you never even thought or dreamt about. However, let your practice be like when you see a limited drama (play), as a detached observer. Whether it is a tragedy or a comedy, it won’t make any difference. In the same way, someone may have an entertaining part and another loving soul may have a serious part. See each one’s part as a detached observer and let your stage be constant and stable. However, you can only have such a stage when you are lost remembrance of the one Father.


Fix (nishchit) your fortune with determined faith (nishchay) and you will always remain carefree (nishchint).