Sweet children, Baba has come with a great deal of interest to teach you. You should also study with that interest. Have the intoxication that God, Himself, is teaching you.


What are the aim and good wishes of you Brahma Kumars and Kumaris?


Your aim is to establish the kingdom of happiness and peace in the world once again by following shrimat exactly as you did 5000 years ago in the previous cycle. Your good wishes are that the whole world will be granted salvation by following shrimat. You say with intoxication: We will grant salvation to everyone. You receive a peace prize from the Father. To change from residents of hell into residents of heaven means to claim a prize.


May you make your stage constant and stable by practising concentration and stability and become an embodiment of total success.

When you have concentration, you will automatically have a constant and stable stage. With concentration, all wasteful thoughts, words and deeds finish and everything is filled with power. Concentration means to remain stable in one elevated thought, in which the expansion of the whole tree is merged. Increase concentration and all types of upheaval will finish. All thoughts, words and deeds will easily be successful. For this, be one who stays in solitude.


Repeatedly to think about a mistake you have made means to continue to put a stain on top of a stain. Therefore, put a full stop to the past.