Sweet children, now practise being bodiless. Break off all love for those perishable bodies of yours and love Shiv Baba alone.


What are the signs of those who already have disinterest in this unlimited old world?


They see but donít see anything with their physical eyes. Their intellects are aware that all of this is to be destroyed, that all the people are already dead, that they have to go to the land of peace and the land of happiness. Their attachment is being removed. When they stay in a stage of yoga while speaking to someone, that person will be attracted to them. They have the intoxication of knowledge.


Salutations to Shiva.

Essence for dharna:

1. On the path of knowledge you have to make your stage very strong. Become bodiless! Have true love for the one Father.

2. Remain unshakeable about the destiny of the drama. Whatever happens in the drama is right. Never allow yourself to shake. Never have doubt about anything.


May you be generous hearted and a great donor by being a bestower and donating at every second and in every thought.

You children of the Bestower are not those who take but those who give. You have to give at every second and in every thought. When you become such a bestower, you will then be called a generous-hearted great donor. By being such a great donor, you automatically receive great power. However, in order to give, your treasure store has to be full. You have taken whatever you need and all that now remains is for you to give. So, continue to give, for by giving your treasure store will become even fuller.


In order to claim full marks in every subject, imbibe the virtue of maturity.

Invaluable versions of Mateshwari

1) The body of Brahma is the reserved body of incorporeal God.

We have to have the full faith that God is teaching us through His corporeal body of Brahma. Many students ask questions about this point. At amrit vela, when incorporeal God enters the corporeal body of Brahma, what change takes place in the body at that time? They ask: At that time, do you sit and observe how God comes? It is explained that when God enters, it isnít that his eyes and face change. No. But when we go into trance, the eyes and face change. However, the part of corporeal Brahma is incognito. When God enters his body, no one knows about it. His body has been reserved and this is why He comes in a second and leaves in a second. This secret has to be understood. It isnít that if you cannot understand any point, you leave this study. Day by day, the study is becoming deeper and clearer. You would not study the whole course all at the same time. It is explained to you. When the founders of religions come, pure souls come with them too and play their own parts. Those souls then come into the play of happiness and sorrow. They do not go back. However, when the incorporeal Supreme Soul comes, He is beyond happiness and sorrow. He simply plays His part and then goes back. We have to understand this point with our intellects.

2) The difference between souls and the Supreme Soul is their virtues and strength.

There is no difference between souls and the Supreme Soul in terms of form - the Supreme Soul is the same form of light; the size of souls and the Supreme Soul is the same. However, there is definitely a difference between souls and the Supreme Soul in terms of their virtues and strength. All the virtues are the praise of God. God is beyond happiness and sorrow. He is the Almighty Authority, full with all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full. It is all His powers that are working. It isnít any power of human souls that is working. It is Godís part that continues. Even though God comes and plays a part, He remains detached. However, when a soul enters a part, he becomes an actor. God comes into a part but remains free from any bondage of karma. When a soul enters a part, he is bound by some bondage of karma. This is the difference between souls and the Supreme Soul. Achcha.