08/11/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, everything, including your bodies, is going to be destroyed. Therefore, you have no need to listen to the news of the old world. Just remember the Father and the inheritance.

What is remembered of shrimat? What are the signs of those who follow shrimat?

It is remembered of shrimat: Whatever You feed me, whatever You give me to wear, wherever You make me sit, I will just do that. The children who follow shrimat follow every one of the Fatherís orders. They always perform elevated actions. They never mix the dictates of their own minds with shrimat. They understand what is right and what is wrong.

O Dweller of the forest, Your name is the support of my life!

Essence for dharna:

1. Always perform elevated actions according to shrimat. Don't be influenced by the directions of others. Be obedient and follow every order. If you are unable to understand something, definitely have it verified.

2. Stay constantly in the intoxication and happiness that you will shed your old body and then go and become a prince. Maintain this intoxication and do Godís service.


May you be a master creator and, like Father Brahma, give everyone respect by considering even someone who defames you to be your friend.

Father Brahma considered himself to be a world server and always gave respect to everyone, and gave them salutations. He never thought that he would give regard when the other person gave regard. He considered even someone who defamed him to be his friend and gave him respect. Follow the Father in the same way. Do not just consider someone who gives you respect as belonging to you, but even consider someone who insults you as belonging to you and give him respect because the whole world is your family. You Brahmins are the trunk for all souls and so, consider yourself to be a master creator and give everyone respect, for only then will you become a deity.


Those who bid farewell to Maya for all time become worthy of receiving congratulations from the Father.