Sweet children, only the meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul is the true confluence, the Kumbha. It is through this meeting that you become pure and people then celebrate with their melas as a memorial of this.

Q- In which aspect do you children need to have a lot of wisdom?

A- You need a lot of wisdom to understand and explain the very sensitive aspects of knowledge. You have to prove the path of knowledge and the path of devotion tactfully. Explain just like a mouse blows before it bites. Therefore, create methods for doing service. Hold exhibitions at the Kumbha mela and bring benefit to many souls. Show them the way to become pure from impure.

D- 1. In order to be saved from punishment, remove your intellect’s yoga from all bodily relations and connect it to the one Father. At the end, no one, apart from the Father, should be remembered.___________2. Become egoless, remain in silence and make the effort of changing thorns into flowers.Become a stick for the blind by following shrimat. Become pure and make others pure.

V- May you become an embodiment of easy success by doing powerful service through the mind along with serving with words.__________Just as you have become experienced in being constantly busy in serving with words, similarly, at every moment, along with serving with words, let there also automatically be service taking place through your thoughts. “Serving through the mind” means that you and others automatically feel the pure vibrations of having good wishes and pure feelings at every moment for every soul. Let there constantly be blessings emerging from your mind for all souls at every moment. By serving through the mind, the energy of your words will be saved and this powerful service through your mind will easily make you an embodiment of success.

S- Those who glorify the Father’s name through their every deed are true Godly helpers.