Sweet children, continue to remember Baba with love. Constantly follow shrimat and always pay attention to the study and everyone will give you regard.

Q- Which children can experience supersensuous joy?

A- Those who are soul conscious. 1) To achieve this: when you are speaking or explaining to someone, consider yourself, the soul, to be speaking to your brother soul. By making the vision of brotherhood firm, you will continue to become soul conscious. 2) Only those who have the intoxication of being God’s students will experience supersensuous joy.

D- 1. In order for your intellect to imbibe true knowledge, you have to make the vessel of your intellect pure and clean. Remove wasteful things from your intellect._________2. Pay full attention to imbibing divine virtues and the study and experience supersensuous joy. Always maintain the intoxication of being God’s children and that He Himself is teaching you.

V- May you always be happy hearted and stay beyond any questions of “Why?” and “What?” by becoming an embodiment of attainments.__________Souls who are complete and embodiments of attainment cannot ever have any type of question about anything. The personality of happiness will be visible on their faces and in their activity; this is called contentment. If there is less happiness the reason for that is a lack of some attainment and the reason for a lack of some attainment is one or another desire. Having many subtle desires takes you towards some lack of attainments. Therefore, put aside temporary desires, become embodiments of attainment and you will always remain happy hearted.

S- Remain absorbed in God’s love and Maya’s attraction will end.