Sweet children, this drama is eternally predestined and is created very beautifully. You children know the past, present and future of this drama very well.

Q- On the basis of which attraction will all souls be drawn to you?

A- The basis of attraction is your purity and power of yoga. It is only through this that there will be your expansion. As you make progress, people will instantly recognise the Father. When they see that so many are coming here to claim their inheritance, many of them will also come. The longer it takes, the more attraction you will have.

D- 1. In order to become a bead of the rosary of victory, make a lot of effort, become very sweet and follow shrimat.__________2. Yoga is the only shield for your safety, and so you have to accumulate the power of yoga.Make full effort to become soul conscious.

V- May you be spiritually influential and make your thoughts, words and deeds fruitful.____________Whenever you come into contact with someone, let the feelings in your mind for that one be influenced by love, co-operation and benevolence. Let every word of yours be full of the influence of courage and enthusiasm. Let your time not be wasted in ordinary chit-chat. In the same way, let every deed of yours be fruitful, whether it is for yourself or for others. Be influential in every way with one another too. Be spiritually influential in service and you will then become an instrument to reveal the Father.

S- Become such a jewel with pure and positive thoughts for others that your rays continue to enlighten the world.