Sweet children, to remember the unlimited Father is something incognito. Remembrance begets remembrance. How can the Father remember those who don't stay in remembrance?


What study that is never taught at any other time throughout the whole cycle do you children study at the confluence age?


The study to die alive from your body. To become a corpse is only taught at this time, because it is at this time that you have to become karmateet. While you are in a body, you have to perform actions. Your mind can only be peaceful when you are not in a body. This is why, "Those who conquer the mind conquer the world", shouldn’t be said. It should be, "Those who conquer Maya conquer the world.”


May you become a double light angel who has all accounts and all relationships with the one Father.

In order to become double light angels, stay beyond the consciousness of bodies because body consciousness is mud, and if you have that burden there would be heaviness. Angels are those who don’t even have a relationship with their own bodies. You have given the Father the body that the Father had given you. Once you give away something of yours to someone else, your relationship with it finishes. All your accounts and all your give-and-take are with the Father, and all the accounts and relationships of the past have finished. Only those who are such complete beggars become double light angels.


Use your specialities and you will experience progress at every step.