Sweet children, you have to do real spiritual service with your bodies, minds and wealth. It is only by your doing spiritual service that Bharat will become the golden age.

Q- What should you constantly remember in order to remain free from worry? When will you be able to remain carefree?

A- In order to remain carefree, always remember that this drama is created absolutely accurately. Whatever happens is absolutely accurate according to the drama. However, you children cannot remain carefree at this time. When you reach your karmateet stage you will be carefree. Very good yoga is needed for that. Yogi and gyani children cannot remain hidden.

D- 1. Don’t be defeated while boxing Maya. Don’t just sit down and become slack in making effort. Have courage and do service._________2. This drama is created accurately. Therefore, don’t worry about anything. In order to reach your karmateet stage, stay in remembrance of the Father. Don’t become a slave to any bodily being.

V- May you be a true Raj Rishi who remains free from all attachment by having an attitude of unlimited disinterest.__________A Raj Rishi means one who has a kingdom and, on the other hand, a Rishi means one who has unlimited disinterest. If there is any attachment to oneself, to another person, to any object, you cannot then be a Raj Rishi. Those who have even the slightest thought of attachment have their feet in two boats and they are then neither here nor there. So, become a Raj Rishi, have unlimited disinterest, that is, belong to the one Father and none other. Make this lesson firm.

S- Anger is a form of fire which burns oneself and also others.