Sweet children, you are now instruments to establish the land of immortality where there won't be any sorrow or sin. That is the viceless world.


What is the wonderful plan of the Godly family?


The plan of the Godly family is to have family planning and establish the one religion of truth and to destroy all the innumerable religions. People make plans for birth control. The Father says: Their plans cannot work. Only I come to establish the new world; all other souls will then go back to their home up above. Very few souls will remain.


May you be a true server who achieves success in service with renunciation and tapasya.

The main way to have success in service is to have renunciation and to do tapasya. Renunciation means to renounce even with the thoughts in your mind. To renounce something because of a situation, because of a code of conduct or because of compulsion is not renunciation but it is to be a renunciate even of your thoughts while being an embodiment of knowledge. To be a tapaswi means to be constantly merged in the Father’s love, to be merged in the Ocean of Knowledge, Love, Bliss, Happiness and Peace. Only such renunciates and tapaswis achieve success in service and are true servers.


To spread vibrations of peace with your tapasya is to be a world server.