Sweet children, you should have the intoxication that you are becoming the masters of heaven, the wonder of the world, which your parlokik Father is creating for you.

Q- What attainments do we receive by keeping the company of the Father?

A- By keeping the company of the Father, we claim a right to liberation and liberation-in-life. The company of the Father takes us across. Baba makes us belong to Him and makes us into theists and trikaldarshi (knowers of the three aspects of time). We come to know the Creator and then the beginning, the middle and the end of creation.

D- 1. Do not have dislike or hatred for anyone. Become merciful and do the service of making unhappy souls happy. Become master oceans of love like the Father.__________2. Stay in the intoxication and happiness of being the children of God. Never go into the bad company of Maya. Become soul conscious and imbibe knowledge.

V- May you be an embodiment of success who puts on the switch of awareness and benefits the self and also benefits others.___________The basis of your stage is your awareness. Always have this powerful awareness, “I belong to the Father and the Father is mine.” With this awareness, your stage will remain powerful and you will also make others powerful. When a switch is put on there is light. In the same way, this awareness is also a switch. Let the switch of attention always be on and you will continue to benefit yourself and others. Since you have a new birth, let there be new memories and all memories of the past be finished. By using this method, you will receive the blessing of being an embodiment of success.

S- In order to experience supersensuous joy, remain stable in your stage of an embodiment of peace.