Sweet children, in order to become as lovely as the Father, consider yourselves to be souls, points, and remember the Father, a point.


Why does each of you children need to make deep, incognito effort to stay in remembrance?


You souls cannot become charitable souls from sinful souls without staying in remembrance. Only when you stay in incognito remembrance and become soul conscious will your sins be absolved. Remembrance is also the way to save yourself from the punishment of Dharamraj. It is only in remembrance that storms of Maya create obstacles. Therefore, make incognito effort to stay in remembrance and you will then become as lovely as Lakshmi and Narayan.


May you be an image of perfection who experiences closeness by imbibing honesty and cleanliness.

Of all the virtues, the main ones to imbibe are honesty and cleanliness. Let there be complete cleanliness in your hearts with one another. Everything is clearly visible in something that is clean. In the same way, let your feelings for one another and your motives and intentions be clearly visible. Where there is honesty and cleanliness, there is closeness. Just as you are close to BapDada, in the same way, let there be closeness to one another in your hearts. Finish any differences in your natures. For this, you have to harmonise the feelings in your minds and your natures. When there is no difference visible in your natures, you can then be said to be images of perfection.


To reform something that has been spoilt is the biggest service of all.