Sweet children, you souls have love for the one Father. The Father has taught you to have love for souls and not bodies.


While you are making which effort does Maya create obstacles? What is the way to become a conqueror of Maya?


You make effort to remember the Father so that your sins can be burnt away. Therefore, it is in this remembrance that Maya creates obstacles. The Father, the Master, shows you ways to become a conqueror of Maya. Remember the Master with that recognition and you will remain happy and you will continue to make effort and do a lot of service and you will then become a conqueror of Maya.


May you be truly loving and constantly experience the company of Father Brahma, the one with a thousand arms.

At present, the part of Father Brahma with a thousand arms is being enacted. Just as arms are not able to do anything without the soul, in the same way, the arms, that is, the children, cannot do anything without BapDada. In every task, there is first the Father’s help. While the part of establishment is being played, BapDada is with the children in every thought and at every second. Therefore, do not put up a curtain of separation and be separated in yoga. Move along in the waves of the ocean of love, sing His praise, but do not become hurt. The practical form of love for the Father is to be loving.


The experience and practice of the bodiless stage is the basis for claiming a number ahead.