Sweet children, you will go from the Brahmin clan into the elevated clan of Vishnu, so you must become true Vaishnavs. Do not eat anything impure such as onions etc.

Which examination should you children not be afraid or confused about?

If, while moving along, something happens to that old shoe (body), if there is any difficulty or you become ill, you must not be afraid or confused but you should be even happier, because you understand it is the suffering of karma, that your old karmic accounts are being settled. If you are not able to settle them with the power of yoga, they are settled with the suffering of karma. It is good if they are settled quickly.

Our pilgrimage is unique.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to claim a high status, be a good salesman in Shiv Baba's shop. Feel the pulse of each one before giving anyone knowledge.

2. Do not speak harmful words under the influence of anger. Having given a guarantee that you will become a helper of the Father, do not perform any act that might cause disservice.


May you be an embodiment of experience and overcome all obstacles by considering them to be a game with the awareness of “nothing new!”

It is fixed in the drama from the beginning to the end for obstacles to come, but those obstacles make you experienced in making the impossible possible. For experienced souls, obstacles are a game. For example, in football, a ball comes to you, you kick it and you enjoy playing that game. This game of obstacles continues in the same way, it is nothing new. The drama shows us these games and also show us total success.


See everyone’s virtues and spread the fragrance of specialities into this world and it will become full of happiness.