Sweet children, whenever you have time, sit in solitude and churn the ocean of knowledge. Revise the points that you hear.


When will your pilgrimage of remembrance come to an end?


When none of your physical organs deceive you. When you reach your karmateet stage, your pilgrimage of remembrance will come to an end. You now have to make full effort and not become disheartened. Be ever ready for service.


May you be a living lighthouse and show the path to all souls with the light of all powers.

If you always stay in the awareness of being a soul from the supreme abode who has incarnated for the service of world benefit, then the thoughts you have and the words you speak will have world benefit merged in them. This awareness will then work like a lighthouse. Just as light of one colour emerges from a lighthouse, in the same way, the light of all powers from you living lighthouses will continue to work to show all souls the path at every step.


As well as love and co-operation, also become a form of power and you will claim a number ahead in the kingdom.