Sweet children, do everything with the power of yoga. There is no question of asking the Father about anything. You are the children of God, so don’t perform any devilish actions.


What miracle does your power of yoga perform?


With this power of yoga you are able to control all your physical senses. Unless you have the power of yoga, you cannot become pure. It is with the power of yoga that the whole world becomes pure. Therefore, in order to become pure and make your food pure, stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Do everything tactfully, interact with everyone with humility.


May you be filled with jewels of experience by going into the depths of knowledge and becoming a master ocean of knowledge.

The children who go into the depths of knowledge become filled with the jewels of experience. One is to listen to knowledge and relate it to others and the other is to become an embodiment of experience. Those who are experienced always remain imperishable and free from obstacles; no one can shake them. Maya is not successful in anything she tries to do to those who are experienced. Those who are experienced are never deceived and so you must continue to increase your experiences and thereby become an embodiment of every virtue. With churning power, accumulate a stock of pure thoughts.


An angel is one who is beyond any subtle arrogance of a body.