Sweet children, you have become sensible, so you should have a lot of interest in earning an income. Make time in your work to remember the Father and you will continue to earn an income.


What shrimat you children not received before, that you receive now?


At this time, the Father gives you the shrimat: Sweet children, wake up early in the morning and sit in remembrance of the Father and you will be able to claim your full inheritance. 2) While living at home with your family, remain like a lotus. At no other spiritual gathering can you ever receive such shrimat. There is no question of the Father and the inheritance in those spiritual gatherings.

You are the Mother and You are the Father!

Essence for dharna:

1. Donít waste your time by remembering any bodily beings. Do not perform any wrong actions that become sinful action.

2. Remember the one Father while alive and forget everything else. Perform actions for the livelihood of your body. Together with that, become sensible and earn an imperishable income. Keep a chart of remembrance.


May you be unshakeable and immovable and with an attitude of unlimited disinterest become a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance.

Those who always have an attitude of unlimited disinterest are never afraid nor do they shake when they see any scene. They always remain unshakeable and immovable. This is because with their attitude of unlimited disinterest, they become conquerors of attachment and embodiments of remembrance. If you have even the slightest fluctuation when you see something or if you have attachment, you would not be said to be as unshakeable and immovable as Angad. With your attitude of unlimited disinterest, together with maturity and seriousness, let there also be an entertaining nature.


As well as being a self-sovereign, having an attitude of unlimited disinterest is a sign of a Raj Rishi.