Sweet children, wake up early in the morning and have sweet conversations with Baba. The early morning is a very good time to churn the ocean of knowledge.


What is the difference between devotees calling God "The Almighty Authorityā€¯ and you children calling Him that?


They say that God can do whatever He wants, that everything is in His hands. However, you know that Baba has said: I too am bound by the drama. The drama is the almighty authority. The Father is called the Almighty Authority because He has the power to grant salvation to everyone. He establishes such a kingdom that no one can snatch it away from you.


May you gains victory over adverse situations with your original stage and become a confluence-aged victorious jewel.

The way to gain victory over adverse situations is to adopt your original stage. Even that body is not yours, it is not you. Your original stage, or your original religion enables you to experience happiness. Any religion of matter, that is, any external religion or awareness of the body makes you experience one type of sorrow or other. Those who constantly maintain their original stage always experience happiness; no wave of sorrow can come to them. They become confluence-aged victorious jewels.


With the power of transformation, finish the forceful flow of waste thoughts.