Sweet children, follow the Mother and Father and be seated on the heart-throne. There is no difficulty in this. Simply remember the Father and become pure.


What advice does the Father, the Lord of the Poor, give His children in order for them to create their fortune?


Children, Shiv Baba doesn't want anything of yours. You may eat, drink, study and refresh yourselves and leave, but remember there is the praise of “just a handful of rice”. If you wish to become wealthy for 21 births, remember that one paisa of a poor person is equal to 100 rupees of a wealthy person. Therefore, when the Father comes here directly, use everything of yours in a worthwhile way.


You are the Mother and the Father.

Essence for dharna:

1. Death is just ahead. Therefore, now increase the speed of your remembrance. Make full effort to claim a high status in the golden-aged world.

2. Bring benefit to yourself and others and receive blessings. In order to go to the pure world, you definitely have to become pure.


May you die alive and gain victory over your physical senses with the awareness of your new life.

You children who have completely died alive and cannot be attracted by the physical senses. To die alive means that you have died to everything and that your old life has finished. Since you have taken a new birth, how could you be influenced by physical senses in your new birth and new life? In your new life of a Brahma Kumar or Kumari, you are completely beyond the knowledge of what it means to be influenced by the physical senses. Do not let even the slightest breath, that is, any sanskar of a shudra be stuck to you even slightly.


Merge God’s love in your heart at amrit vela and no other love will attract you.