Sweet children, this is yourmost valuable time and you must therefore not waste it. Donate knowledge to those who are worthy.


What is the easy way to continue to imbibe virtues and reform your behaviour?


Explain to others the things that Baba explains to you. Donate the wealth of knowledge and you will easily continue to imbibe virtues and your behaviour will continue to be reformed. Those who are unable to keep this knowledge in their intellects and don't donate the wealth of knowledge are misers. They create a loss for themselves unnecessarily.


May you be truly loving and co-operative and always wear your armour of humility to burn the Ravan of waste.

No matter how much someone tries to look for a weakness in your gathering, do not let the slightest conflict of sanskars or nature be visible. Even if someone swears at you or insults you, just become like a saint. Even if someone does something wrong, just remain right. When someone is causing conflict, give him the water of love. Do not pour oil on to fire with questions such as, "Why this? Why is it like this?” Always wear the armour of humility. Where there is humility, there will definitely be love and co-operation.


Merge all limited feelings of the consciousness of "mine” into One, "My Baba”.