Sweet children, the illness of the five vices that you have had for half the cycle is now about to end. Therefore, stay in limitless happiness.

Q- What one hobby should you children have and what should you have no connection with?

A- Have the hobby of claiming your full inheritance from the Father. People have all types of hobbies. You now have to renounce all of those. You have become the children of God. You have to return home with the Father and you must, therefore, forget all the things that are connected with bodies. Just feed the stomach two chapattis and connect the intellect to the new world.

D- 1. In order to come into the rosary of victory, do service like Mama and Baba. Imbibe the murli and then relate it to others. Let your behaviour be very royal. 2. Understand this unlimited drama with your broad and unlimited intellect and experience limitless happiness. Don't be afraid of storms. Keep your intellect full by churning knowledge.

V- May you be greatly powerful and sacrifice any slightest trace of body consciousness ! ------- The biggest weakness is body consciousness. The subtle progeny of body consciousness is very big. To make the sacrifice of body consciousness means to surrender every trace, including its progeny. Only those who make such a sacrifice are said to be greatly powerful. If you have kept any trace of body consciousness hidden away and consider arrogance to be self-respect, then though you may see temporary victory, it will be merged in defeat for a long period of time.

S- To think that you had no desire for something but that you just liked it is also the stage of bondage in life.