Sweet children, belong to the Father and glorify the Father’s name. The name will be glorified by your becoming completely pure. You also have to become totally sweet.

Q- What one worry do you children have at the confluence age that you won’t have in the golden age?

A- At the confluence age, you have the one worry of becoming pure. The Father has made you free from worries in every other aspect. You make effort so that you can shed your old bodies in happiness. You know that you will remove those old costumes and put on new ones. Each of you children should ask your heart how much happiness you have and how much you remember the Father.

D- 1. Ask yourselves: 1. To what extent am I happy? 2. To what extent do I have the faith that I was full of all divine virtues and that I have to become that again on the basis of shrimat? 3. To what extent have I become satopradhan? Do I have the concern day and night to become pure, satopradhan?__________2. You have to serve the world with the unlimited Father. Study this unlimited study and teach others. End the bondages of the body and bodily relationships by having remembrance of the Father.

V- May you be free from ego and remain constantly happy hearted by renouncing any unripe fruit of regard or honour from doing service._________The royal forms of desires are name, respect and honour. Those who do service for their names to be known are able to earn a name for a temporary period, but their names go to the back in claiming a high status because the fruit they eat is unripe. Some children think that in the subject of service they should receive respect, but that is not respect; it is ego. Where there is ego there cannot be happiness and this is why you have to become free from ego and constantly experience happiness.

S- Swing in the swing of happiness of God’s love and waves of sorrow cannot come.