Sweet children, the first two things you have to explain to everyone are: Remember the Father and know the cycle of 84 births. Then, all their questions will end.

Q- What words used in praise of the Father wouldn’t be used in praise of Shri Krishna?

A- The Father is the Lord of the Tree. Shri Krishna wouldn’t be called the Lord of the Tree. Only the incorporeal Father is said to be the Father of all fathers and the Husband of all husbands. Shri Krishna wouldn’t be called that. Clarify the distinct praise of each one.

Q- What drums do you have to beat in every village?

A- Beat drums in every village and announce: Come and understand how you can become a resident of heaven from a resident of hell, how you can become a deity from a human being. Come and understand how establishment and destruction take place.

D- 1. Remind everyone of the mantra that the Father has given you, the mantra that disciplines the mind. Create different ways of doing service. Do not waste your time when there are huge crowds.________2. Remain intoxicated by keeping points of knowledge in your intellect. Go and sit in the gatherings like Hanuman and serve them. Remain happy by doing service throughout the day.

V- May you be a powerful soul and with the help of elevated thoughts fill everyone with power. ___________Accept the blessing of being constantly powerful and use your elevated thoughts to do the service of filling all souls with power. Nowadays, they accumulate solar energy and use it to achieve success in many tasks. In the same way, accumulate so much power of elevated thoughts that the thoughts of others are also become filled with power. These thoughts work like an injection with which their internal attitude is filled with power. So, now use your elevated feelings and elevated thoughts to bring about transformation. This service is needed.

S- Be a master remover of sorrow and transform their sorrow into spiritual happiness. This is your elevated task.