Sweet children, give everyone the good news that Bharat is once again becoming heaven that Heavenly God, the Father, has come.

What are the signs of the children who have the happiness of becoming the masters of heaven?

They never experience any form of sorrow within. They have the intoxication of being important people and that the unlimited Father is making them become like Lakshmi and Narayan. Their behaviour is very royal. They cannot stop sharing this good news with others.


1. Check your own pulse and see to what extent you have become worthy. Become worthy and give the proof of the serviceyou do. Become free from all bonds by being enlightened with knowledge.

2. Follow the directions of the one Father and remove any defects from within you. Renounce any nature of causing sorrow and become bestowers of happiness. Donate the jewels of knowledge.

May you always be powerful and make the elevated task practical while knowing that its destiny is fixed.

The elevated aim of saying little and do more will make you great.