Sweet children, always have the intoxication that you are being showered with the rain of knowledge by the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, and that you will become pure by this and return to your great home.

On what basis will the faith of you children continue to become even stronger?

As the chaos increases in the world and your divine tree continues to grow, the more your hearts will move away from the old world and the stronger your faith will continue to become. Service will happen at a very fast pace. If you continue to pay attention to dharna, the enthusiasm in your intellects will increase and you will stay in limitless happiness.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to become free from the suffering of karma, stay in remembrance of the one Father. Don't waste time remembering any bodily being. Keep the line of your intellect very clear.

2. Eat very pure food. As is the food, so is the mind. Therefore, do not eat food prepared by impure people. You must make your intellect clean.


May you be constantly wealthy with spiritual sympathy and make everyone content with it.

In todayís world, there are many with wealth, but the greatest wealth that is needed is sympathy. Whether rich or poor, people today donít have sympathy. You have the wealth of sympathy and so it doesnít matter if you donít give anything else to others, for you can make everyone content with sympathy. Your spiritual sympathy is in terms of your spiritual connection. With this spiritual sympathy, you can satisfy everyone in terms of their body, mind and wealth.


Make courage your companion in every task and you will definitely be successful.