Sweet children, through this study you go to your land of happiness via the land of peace. This is your aim and objective. You should never forget this.


At this time, what scenes of the drama do you children observe as detached observers?


At this time there are scenes of total sorrow in the drama. Even if someone does have some happiness, it is only temporary, like the droppings of a crow. The rest is nothing but sorrow. You children have now come into the light. You know how the unlimited world cycle continues to turn second by second. One day cannot be the same as the next. The acts of the whole world continue to change as new scenes continue.


May you claim a right to all the treasures by having constant remembrance and accumulate an imperishable income.

By having constant remembrance you will continue to earn an income at every step and experience having a right to all the treasures of happiness, peace, bliss and love. Any suffering will not be experienced as suffering. At the confluence age, Brahmins cannot suffer. If there is any suffering, it comes to remind you of the Father. Just as a rose has thorns to protect itself, in the same way, any difficulties will be instrumental in reminding you of the Father even more.


When the seed of action continues to receive the water of pure thoughts on the basis of God’s shrimat, the seed will become powerful.