Sweet children, the Father has come to charge your batteries. The more you stay in remembrance, the more your batteries will continue to be charged.


Why do storms come to your boat of truth?


Because, at this time, there are many artificial people. Some call themselves God and some show their occult power. This is why people are not able to recognise the truth. They try to rock the boat of truth, but you know that your boat of truth can never sink. Those who create obstacles today will understand tomorrow that it is only here that they will find the path to salvation; that there is just this one shop for everyone.


May you be a true trustee and a conqueror of Maya who renounces the consciousness of "I” while living at home with the family.

Just as germs take birth in rubbish, in the same way, Maya takes birth where there is the consciousness of "mine”. The easy method to become a conqueror of Maya is to consider yourself to be a trustee. A Brahma Kumar means a trustee and a trustee does not have any attachment to anyone because he does not have the consciousness of "mine”. When you consider yourself to be a householder May will come and when you consider yourself to be a trustee, Maya will run away and so, be detached and then come into action while in the family and you will become Mayaproof.


Where there is ego there will definitely be the feeling of insult.