Sweet children, you are listening to new spiritual things from the spiritual Father. You know that just as you souls have come here having changed your forms, so the Father has also come in the same way.


What title can the little children claim if they pay great attention to the explanations that the Father gives?


That of spiritual leader. If the little children do something courageous and pay attention to the things that the Father says and they explain them to others, everyone will give them a lot of love. The Father's name will also be glorified.


Leave your throne of the sky and come down to earth.

Essence for dharna:

1. Remove this dirty old world that is like cow dung from your intellect. Remember the golden-aged world and maintain unlimited happiness and intoxication. Never cry.

2. Imbibe the deep and entertaining things that the Father tells you and then explain them to everyone. Claim the title of a spiritual leader.


May you be an easy and natural yogi and remain free from any bondage of karma while performing karma.

Mahavir children cannot be pulled by anything attractive in the physical world. They make themselves detached and loving to the Father in a second. As soon as they receive a direction, those who experience being detached from their bodies, bodiless, soul-conscious, free from bondage and yogyukt are easy yogis, natural yogis, constant yogis, karma yogis and elevated yogis. They can focus their thoughts and their breath in remembering the Father, the Lord of Life (Praneshwar), whenever they want, for as long as they want.


To be seated on the elevated seat of a constant and stable stage is a sign of a tapaswi soul.