Sweet children, whenever you explain to anyone or give a lecture, do so while saying, "Baba, Baba". Praise the Father and the arrow will strike the target.


Which question does Baba especially ask the children of Bharat?


You children of Bharat were wealthy; you belonged to the deity religion and were 16 celestial degrees full. You were pure; you never used the sword of lust. You were very wealthy, so, how did you become bankrupt? Do you know the reason? Children, how did you become slaves? Where did you lose your wealth and property? Just think about how you became impure from pure. When you children explain these aspects to others while saying, "Baba, Baba", they will easily understand.


May you be an image of support for the world and remain constantly busy in the task of world benefit.

World benefactor children cannot remain free even in their dreams. Those who are busy doing service day and night only see new things in their dreams; they see plans and methods of doing service. Because they are busy doing service, they are protected from any waste in their own efforts or anyone else’s waste. The unlimited souls of the world are always emerged in front of them. They cannot have the slightest carelessness. Such serviceable children receive the blessing of being images of support.


Each second of the confluence age is equal to many years, and so do not waste time out of carelessness.