Sweet children, have the concern to make yourselves, souls, satopradhan. Make sure that no weaknesses remain and that Maya doesn't make you make mistakes.


Which auspicious words should constantly emerge from the lips of you children?


Constantly say these auspicious words: We will change from ordinary human beings into Narayan, nothing less. We were the masters of the world and are becoming that once again. However, this destination is very high. Therefore, you have to remain extremely careful. Check your chart. Keep your aim and objective in front of you, continue to make effort and don't become disheartened.


May you become a complete angel and claim number one by following sakar Baba.

The easy way to claim number one is to look at Father Brahma who is number one. Instead of looking at many others, only look at one and follow the one alone. Make the mantra of, "I am an angel”, firm and the differences will finish. The instruments of science will then begin their work and you will become complete angels and then deities and incarnate in the new world. So, to become a complete angel means to follow sakar Baba.


The butter of happiness that is extracted by your churning makes your life strong.