Sweet children, in order to be constantly happy for 21 births, instil the habit of being soul conscious for this short time.

Q- What interest should each one of you have in order to establish the deity kingdom?

A- An interest in doing service. Have an interest in how to donate the jewels of knowledge. Your mission is to make impure ones pure. Therefore, in order to make your kingdom expand, you children have to do a lot of service. Wherever fairs etc. take place and wherever people go to bathe, take printed leaflets and distribute them there. Beat the drums there.

D- 1. Cut away the chains of body consciousness and become soul conscious. Create the sanskars of remaining soul conscious. 2. Have a lot of interest in doing service. Do the service of making impure ones pure in the same way as the Father does. Become a true diamond.

V- May you be a world transformer who makes your words and deeds elevated with a pure and elevated attitude ! ------ The children who finish their weak attitude and make a vow to have a pure and elevated attitude also see this world as elevated. One’s vision and deeds are connected with one’s attitude. Anything good or bad first enters your attitude and it is then put into your words and deeds. To have an elevated attitude means that your words and deeds are automatically elevated. Vibrations and the atmosphere are created by your attitude. Those who make a vow to have an elevated attitude automatically become world transformers.

S- Practise being bodiless, without a body, and you will be able to know the feelings in anyone’s mind.