Sweet children, remain constantly happy and give happiness to others. This is having mercy for everyone. To show anyone the path is the greatest charity.

Q- Who can remain constantly happy and what is the way to become happy?

A- Only those who are very clever in knowledge and who know how to remember the drama in the form of a story can remain constantly happy. In order to remain constantly happy, continue to follow the Father’s shrimat. Consider yourself to be a soul and churn very well everything that the Father explains to you. By churning the ocean of knowledge, you will become happy.

D- 1. Churn the ocean of knowledge and experience limitless happiness. Have the mercy to show the path to others. Don’t be coloured by the company you keep and thereby perform sinful actions._________2. In order to lift the burden of Maya’s sorrow, you all have to give your shoulders. Open centres and become instruments for the benefit of many.

V- May you in your Brahmin life be in the combined form and always have a cheerful and careful mood._________If in any situation your mood of happiness changes that would not then be called permanent happiness. Always have a cheerful and careful mood your Brahmin life. Let your mood not change. When your mood changes, you would say that you want solitude because your mood is like that today. Your mood changes when you are alone. Always remain combined and your mood will not change.

S- To celebrate a festival means to have enthusiasm for remembrance and service.