Sweet children, continue to follow the directions of the one Father and the Father will be responsible for you. The Father’s direction is: Remember Me whilst walking and moving around.

Q- What are the main signs of the children who are good and virtuous?

A- They do very good service of changing thorns into flowers. They do not prick anyone like thorns do. They never fight amongst themselves. They do not cause sorrow for anyone. To cause sorrow means to prick them like thorns.

D- 1. Become most lovely by having remembrance of the one Father. Whilst walking, moving around and performing actions practise remaining in remembrance. Stay in remembrance of the Father and remain happy and in full bloom.___________2. Follow God’s directions at every step whilst performing every act. Do not become arrogant (intoxication of body consciousness). Do not perform any bad act. Do not become confused.

V- May you be economical with your time and powers as a master creator by while understanding your responsibility for world benefit.________All the souls of the world are the family of you elevated souls and the bigger the family, the more you have to consider being economical. Use all your time and powers economically while keeping all souls in front of you and considering yourself to be an instrument for unlimited service. Just to earn for yourself, to eat from that and use it up – do not be careless in that way. Make a budget of all your treasures. Keep the blessing of being a master creator in your awareness and accumulate a stock of time and powers for service.

S- Everyone continues to receive blessings from the thoughts and words of a great donor.