Sweet children, most beloved Shiv Baba has come to make you children into the masters of the world. Therefore, follow His shrimat.


What two completely contradictory things, in connection with the Supreme Father, do people tell one another?


On the one hand, they say that He is the Eternal Light and, on the other hand, they say that He is beyond name and form. These two aspects contradict each other. Because of not knowing Him accurately, they continue to become impure. When the Father comes He gives His true introduction.


May you become a flying bird, free from attachment to this world, and tour around the subtle region.

In order to tour around the subtle region and the incorporeal world with the plane of your intellect, become a flying bird. Go wherever you want, whenever you want with your intellect. This is only possible when you become completely free from attachment to this world. This world is tasteless and when you have nothing to do with this tasteless world, where there is no attainment you should stop going there with your intellect. This is the depths of hell and so let there not be any thoughts or dreams of going into this world.


To give the experience of truth and manners through your face and your activity is greatness.