Sweet children, the power of yoga is needed in the sword of knowledge, for only then can there be victory. When there is the power of yoga in knowledge, it will definitely affect people.

Q- You are God’s messengers. What message do you have to give to the whole world?

A- Give the whole world the message that God has said: All of you must consider yourselves to be souls. Renounce body consciousness. Remember Me, your Father, and the burden of sins on your heads will be removed. You will become pure by having remembrance of the one Father. Only the children who are introverted can give everyone this message.

D- 1. In order to fill the sword of knowledge with the power of yoga, become introverted while you do everything and practise: I am a soul. I, the soul, have received the Father’s orders to remember Him alone constantly. Have true love for the one Father. Break your attachment away from your body and bodily relations._________2. While living at home with your family, caution one another. Become a swan and claim a high status. Remove any trace of anger. Make your intellect civil.

V- May you become double light by making intense effort and cross all situations while experiencing entertainment.__________Some children say, “Generally, I am fine, but there is this bondage of sanskars with other people or with the environment.” No matter what the reason may be or how it may be, an intense effort-maker will cross all situations as though nothing has happened. Such a soul constantly experiences entertainment. Such a stage is called the flying stage and the sign of the flying stage is being double light. No type of burden can bring such a soul into any upheaval.

S- Make every virtue and every aspect of knowledge your original sanskar.