Sweet children, you should have the limitless happiness that you are now to leave your old clothes and return home. Then, in the new world, you will receive new clothes.

Q- What subtle secret of the drama do you have to understand?

A- This drama continues to move like a louse; it continues to tick away. Whatever act is performed, it repeats identically every 5000 years. This secret is very subtle and has to be understood. The children who do not understand this secret accurately say that if it's in the drama, they will make effort. Therefore, they are unable to claim a high status.

D- 1. In order to claim a high status, become the Father's complete helpers. Show the path to the blind. Always remember the unlimited clock.__________2. In order to look after this sacrificial fire, you must become true Brahmins. Use your money in a worthwhile way and claim the full inheritance from the Father.

V- May you be a true server who brings about progress in service with your self-progress.__________Self-progress is the main basis for service to progress. If there is little self-progress, there would then be little service. Service is not just giving someone a message with words, but to give inspiration to someone to do elevated deeds through every deed of yours is also service. Those who are constantly engaged in service with their thoughts, words and deeds experience elevated fortune by doing service. To the extent that you serve, you accordingly move forward yourself. Those who do service with their elevated deeds always continue to receive the fruit of those.

S- In order to come close, make your thinking, speaking and doing equal.