Sweet children, whatever you see with your eyes is all the paraphernalia of the old world. It has to be destroyed. Therefore, remove this land of sorrow from your intellects.


What do human beings blame the Father for when, in fact, it is no one’s fault?


Human beings believe that the huge destruction that takes place is inspired by God, that He is the One who causes sorrow as well as gives happiness. They have put all the blame on the Father. The Father says: Children, I am always the Bestower of Happiness. I cannot cause sorrow for anyone. If I inspired destruction to take place, all the sin would then fall on Me. Everything happens according to the drama. I do not inspire it.


May you be a mahavir who experiences happiness and contentment in situations of discontentment by having remembrance of the Father.

Those who constantly stay in remembrance of the Father remain content in every situation. This is because, on the basis of the power of knowledge, even a situation as big as a mountain is experienced to be like a mustard seed; a mustard seed means it is nothing. Even in a situation of discontentment, or a situation of sorrow, when you maintain a stage of happiness, then you would be called a mahavir. No matter what happens, together with "nothing new”, and with awareness of the Father, you can have a constantly constant and stable stage, then waves of sorrow and peacelessness cannot then come to you.


Constantly keep your divine form in your awareness and no one will be able to have any wasteful vision towards you.