Sweet children, it is only you who have been separated for a long period of time and been playing your parts of the full 84 births. You now have to go from bondages of sorrow into relationships of happiness. Therefore, stay in limitless happiness.

Which children can have constant, limitless happiness?

Those who have the faith that 1) Baba has come to make us into the masters of the world. 2) Our true Baba has come to give us the true knowledge of that same Gita. 3) We souls are now sitting in God's lap. We souls now belong to the Father through our bodies. 4) Baba has come to give us salvation, the fruit of our devotion. 5) Baba has made us viewers of the three aspects of time (trikaldarshi). 6) God has become our Mother and adopted us. We are Godly students. Those who have this awareness and faith experience limitless happiness.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to be protected from any attacks of Maya, become a genie and continue to remember Alpha and beta. Remove the burden of sin on your head with the power of yoga. Stay in supersensuous joy.

2. Don't just chant the name of Shiva with your mouth. Have true love for the Father. Remain busy in doing the service of changing thorns into flowers.


May you make accurate judgments with your carefree stage and become a victorious jewel with faith in your intellect.

The easy way to become constantly victorious is to have one strength and one Support. When you have faith in One, you receive power. Faith constantly makes you carefree and those who have a carefree stage are successful in every task they perform. By being carefree, your intellect is able to make accurate judgments. So, the basis of making accurate decisions is to have an intellect with faith and being carefree. You donít even have to think because you just have to follow the Father, place your steps in His steps and move along according to the shrimat you receive. Simply continue to place your steps in the steps of shrimat and you will become a victorious jewel.


For your mind to have benevolent feelings for everyone is to be a world benefactor.

Invaluable elevated versions by Mateshwariji.

Will we receive the Godly knowledge that we are receiving now at the confluence age in the golden age too? For this, it is explained that in the golden age, we ourselves will be embodiments of knowledge. We will be experiencing our deity reward. There is no exchange of knowledge there. It is those who have no knowledge who need knowledge. In the golden age, all are embodiments of knowledge. There is no one ignorant there that there would be a need to give them knowledge. At this time, we know the beginning, middle and end of the whole unlimited drama. Who were we in the beginning? Where did we come from? How did we become trapped in the bondage of karma in the middle and then how did we fall? At the end, we have to go beyond the bondage of karma and become karmateet deities. With the effort we are making now, we will have the future reward, that is, of being golden-aged deities. If we had the knowledge there that we deities would fall, our happiness would disappear with that thought. So, we donít have the knowledge of our falling there. We donít have these thoughts there. Through this knowledge, we now know that we have to ascend and create our lives of happiness. We will experience our reward for half the cycle, then forget ourselves, be influenced by Maya and fall. This ascending and descending is an eternally predestined play. We have all of this knowledge in our intellects at this time. It doesnít exist in the golden age. Achcha.